PS Plus India Annual Subscription Rates Increased: Essential, Extra, Deluxe Plans Affected. See New Prices!

PS Plus India

Sony, the big gaming company from Japan, recently told us that they’re going to raise the prices for their PlayStation Plus annual plans. They say this is so they can keep giving us great games and special perks. Well, now we know the new prices for India, and they’re going up by almost Rs 2,000.

If you’re not sure what PS Plus is, it’s Sony’s version of Xbox Game Pass. When you subscribe, you get to play some games for free on your PS4 or PS5, and you also get to try out a few games before you buy them. Plus, you get special deals in their store just for members.

Here are the new prices they’ve listed on the PlayStation website:

  • PS Plus Essential 12-month plan used to cost Rs 2,999, but now it’s Rs 3,949.
  • PS Plus Extra 12-month plan used to be Rs 4,999, but now it’s Rs 6,699.
  • PS Plus Deluxe 12-month plan used to cost Rs 5,749, but now it’s Rs 7,599.

If you’re already a PS Plus member, don’t worry. The new prices won’t affect you until it’s time to renew your subscription, and that won’t happen until after November 6. But keep in mind, if you make any changes to your membership, like upgrading, downgrading, or extending it, you’ll have to pay the new prices.

Most people need PS Plus to play games online on their PS4 or PS5. They have three levels: Deluxe, Essential, and Extra. Sony made it to compete with Xbox Game Pass, so you get a new game every month to enjoy.

The Essential level gives you free games every month and big discounts when you buy games from the PlayStation Store. If you go for PS Plus Extra, you get all the stuff from the Essential tier plus a bunch of games you can play on both PS4 and PS5. And if you want the best deal, PS Plus Deluxe is for you. It comes with old classics from PS1, PS2, PSP, and PS3, and you can even stream games from the cloud.