Sony Raises Prices for PlayStation Plus Annual Plans: Get the Full Details

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Sony, the Japanese gaming company, is making yearly subscriptions for PlayStation Plus more expensive worldwide. If you’re already a member and your plan renews after November 6, you’ll pay the higher price. But if you’re new or switching plans, you’ll pay the increased price right away.

The price increase is going to happen everywhere, but in some places, the old prices are still there for now. Sony also said that the prices for one and three-month subscriptions won’t change. The new prices will start on September 6.

According to Sony, “This price adjustment will enable us to provide you with high-quality games and value-added benefits for your PlayStation Plus subscription.”

New prices for Sony PlayStation Plus annual subscriptions

PlayStation Plus comes in three different levels. The yearly subscription for the basic PlayStation Plus Essential tier used to cost $60 (about Rs 4,965), but now it will be $80 (around Rs 6,618).

With this level, people can still get two free games each month as long as they keep their membership. This plan also lets you play games with others online, save your game progress in the cloud, and get discounts when buying games.

The PlayStation Plus Extra tier used to cost $100 (almost Rs 8,300), but now it will be $135 (about Rs 11,168). With this tier, you get all the stuff from the PlayStation Plus Essential tier, plus you can play hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games from a big collection.

Finally, the yearly subscription for the PlayStation Plus Premium tier used to be $120 (almost Rs 10,000), but now it’s $160 (around Rs 13,200). With this tier, you can play even more games than the Extra tier. The Premium tier includes games from PS3, PS2, PS One, and PSP, and you can play them online.

Games for PlayStation Plus in September

The list of games for this month includes Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can play these games from September 5 to October 2.