Mario Wonder multiplayer: how does coop and online play work?

Mario Wonder

Multiplayer is a big deal in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, especially in its 2D series (let’s not forget Mario Maker). While playing through all the levels with friends online is still not an option, you can still have a fun experience in a different way that might keep you playing longer.

Local 4-Player Cooperation

In 2D Mario games, it’s become a tradition to have cooperative play for up to 4 players. You can jump into a game with friends at any time. Playing with others can make the game easier because you can help each other out without losing lives. Also, if you’re playing with younger or less experienced gamers, they can choose to play as Yoshi or Carottin. These characters can’t transform, but they won’t take damage either. One important thing to remember is that the camera follows the player with the crown, so keep an eye on that, especially during tricky platform sections where you’ll need to sync up a bit.

Online Play: Game Modes and How It Works

In Mario Wonder, the Nintendo team took inspiration from the multiplayer aspects seen in From Software games. They introduced a unique form of cooperative play, which isn’t like playing with others in real-time but adds depth to the gameplay. This is achieved through unique panels placed throughout the levels, which are crucial in achieving 100% completion.

When you venture into these multiplayer levels, you’ll come across other players going about their adventures. Some levels are specifically designed for this feature, including puzzles meant to be solved in a multiplayer context using invisible blocks that only certain characters can see. Unfortunately, direct online cooperative play with friends isn’t possible.

In the multiplayer mode, you can:

  1. Engage in races in special rooms with friends from your contact list.
  2. Leave helpful signs for other players to assist them on their journeys.
  3. Watch other players complete the same level you’re on, offering a sense of camaraderie.
  4. Join in on puzzle levels to make them easier to conquer together.