New Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV Coming to India on September 15 – 43-inch 4K Model!

redmi tv

On September 15, Xiaomi will launch its highly anticipated Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K 43-inch model in India. Xiaomi offers Indian consumers a larger and even more feature-rich TV after first debuting a 32-inch Redmi Smart Fire TV earlier this year.

To get everyone excited about the new TV, Xiaomi has made a special page on their website. This page gives us a little preview of what the Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K will offer. Just like the name says, it has a big 43-inch screen and shows videos in super sharp 4K quality.

Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K gives you a really cool view. It has a skinny border around three sides of the screen, and the bottom has a slightly thicker border. Plus, there’s a fancy LED light right in the middle to make it look even cooler.

The Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K will probably use FireOS, which makes it easy to use and gives you lots of apps and shows to watch. And it’s likely to come with a remote control that can listen to your voice and work with Alexa.

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Xiaomi has become famous worldwide for its F2 TV series that uses FireOS. If the new Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K is similar, Indian folks can look forward to some really cool stuff. Like, it can show videos in super clear UHD with fancy HDR10 and HLG for amazing colors. Inside, it has a MediaTek MT9020 brain with 2GB of memory and 16GB of storage, and it’s got two strong 12W speakers that make sound awesome with Dolby Audio, DTS-HD, and DTS Virtual:X.

You’ll be able to buy the Redmi Smart Fire TV 4K on Amazon, and they’ve even made a special page for it. You can also check Xiaomi’s official website,, to get it.